Virtual Team Building & Retreats
Leadership & Employee Development Webinars

  • Virtual Healthy Cooking Classes 
  • Virtual Team Culinary Challenges
  • Virtual Kids Cooking Camps
  • Virtual Event Planner for Social or Corporate Events held on line

​Virtual​​ Culinary Concepts

To help you achieve your organizational goals, we offer a complimentary training needs assessment to assist in determining what topics and schedule will work best for your budget, needs and time frame.

​​​​Workplace and Lifestyle skills taught in engaging, valuable   Skill Shops!

Virtual training Specialists!

Virtual Workplace​ Wellness Classes

Wendy has been offering interactive, fun and valuable Skill Shops to public and private sector organizations for over 25 years. Her topics and style readily translate to the virtual world. Consider her virtual workshops to engage your employees, reach out to your clients and stay connected with family and friends.

Free Training Needs Assessment

Every organization is concerned about its bottom line. Our Skill Shops are designed to make you and your team more efficient, more communicative and therefore, increase efficacy and production, all while creating a desirable work culture to help you attract and retain the best 

Client Testimonials 


Wendy L. Farrell, M.S.Ed

At Skill Shop Training, we offer practical SKILLS taught in an engaging WORKSHOP environment to enhance your workplace effectiveness, culinary abilities, health and wellness!

Increase Company  Productivity

  • Wellness Tips Lunch and Learns
  • Wellness Program Design and Roll Out
  • Skill Shops focused on Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Mind Fitness for Enhanced Mental Health


  • Communication Competence
  • Remote Management Strategies
  • Problem Solving, Innovation and Process Improvement
  • Enhancing Customer Experience


"The evaluations I received from my staff regarding your training are some of the best I have ever seen in my 20 years as training director! Thanks for making my job easy!"

"Wendy is our most popular trainer. She is an excellent facilitator of learning keeps the class fun, interactive, has a positive attitude and high energy. She encourages group participation and role-play, so attendees really comprehend the material and how to apply it in the work environment."

"Wendy was awesome. She kept us engaged and thinking the entire 3 days. I would sign up for any classes she teaches in the future. Very effective teaching."

  • Creating Positive Work Cultures and Synergistic Teams
  • Strategic Planning with SOAR
  • Vision, Mission and Value Creation and Updates