Engaging Environment

Participant Feedback:

We know the most important competencies needed for maximum efficiency and productivity in any workplace. Solid communication and interpersonal skills are essential as are analytical and problem solving abilities, and everything in between. Many people have never had the opportunity to learn these types of skills and it is at work that they are finally exposed to them. Helping your employees become more competent in these areas will increase your organization's efficiency, productivity and overall work culture.

Lasting Success

Client Feedback:

"Wendy taught a sexual harassment team building course to 110 men at our Carpenter's Union training center. She received a standing ovation. Never seen that before, great job, Wendy!"

“Wendy has been teaching for us for years. We keep bringing her back because she inspires our employees to live healthier lifestyles by elevating the health of their cooking and fitness activities.

Because our practical curriculum is delivered in an experiential environment, your employees truly retain the information and are able to implement it successfully in the workplace. Additionally, we offer a unique refresher program to encourage employees to continue practicing and incorporating their new skill set at work.

Wendy and her team are passionate about helping organizations create a more successful, productive workplace and positive culture.

Client Feedback:

Useful Skills

We recognize the importance of keeping our participant's attention. We don't talk AT them, we discuss WITH them using a variety of activities, assessments and opportunities to converse, practice and role play creating a fun, engaging environment to really understand and hone their new skills. The more practiced, the more likely the skills will be implemented back on the job. 

"I took your course about a year ago. I have done so much of what you taught in your course and it has made everything at work, so much better."